Natuna—As a form of commitment and participation of the upstream oil and gas industry in regional development, the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) together with Oil and Gas Contractors, Medco E&P Natuna Ltd and Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, held a series of activities in Pulau Laut Sub-regency, Natuna Regency on 12-13 May 2018. The series of activities started with the handover of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs held in Tanjung Pala Village, Pulau Laut Sub-regency, Natuna Regency which directly borders Vietnam. The CSR programs handed over are a boardwalk (providing access to the sea and becomes a jetty for the community’s boats to anchor) and a set of radio communication devices for fishermen monitoring in Natuna waters.


The CSR program handover ceremony was attended by the Natuna Regent represented by Secretary of Natuna Regency Wan Siswandi, Head of SKK Migas Representative Office for North Sumatra Area represented by Senior Manager of Public Relations Haryanto Syafri, Head of Pulau Laut Sub-regency, Medco E&P Natuna Ltd Management, Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV Management, and the communities of Tanjung Pala Village of Pulau Laut Sub-regency.


In his speech, Haryanto Syafri conveyed that he felt deeplt honored to participate in the development program for Pulau Laut Sub-regency. These CSR programs are a form of mutual agreement between SKK Migas and Oil and Gas Contractors of Kepulauan Riau Region in building synergy to support regional development, especially in Natuna Regency.


“We really hope that the development of this boardwalk can support the efficient transportation and economic growth of the region and hope it can be properly utilized and maintained. Special attention has to be paid to the growing number of users of motorcycles so as to avoid accidents on the boardwalk,” Haryanto continued.


Natuna Regency Secretary, Wan Siswandi said that the government has paid great attention to the border areas. Various programs from the central, provincial, regional and village governments have been implemented in Natuna Regency. Moreover, the CSR programs which, in their implementation, are accommodated by the local government through the community development committee of the upstream oil and gas sector of Natuna Regency, are supervised to ensure that they build a synergy and are not overlapping.


“The government of Natuna Regency thanked and truly appreciated the attention paid by the upstream oil and gas industry, especially SKK Migas and the Oil and Gas Contractors located in the Natuna Regency that have conducted community development activities through CSR programs. As a local government, we also expect that the programs like these can be continually held in an effort to support the development in border areas,” Wan added.


In line with these activities, SKK Migas and Oil and Gas Contractors of Kepulauan Riau Region also conducted the monitoring of CSR activities that had been held from 2013 to 2016 in several villages of Natuna Regency such as home improvement programs, construction of jogging tracks, and 25 units of solar street lighting at Kencana Beach, and village boardwalks. In addition, SKK Migas team along with Oil and Gas Contractors, Medco E&P Natuna Ltd and Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, also conducted a survey and analysis of the status of CSR assistance plan of 2018 at Pantai Kencana, Mekar Jaya Village and Bunguran Batubi in the form of plan for development of children playground and public park equipped with an outdoor gym, mangrove crab cultivation, and home library facility assistance. (Fwd)