SKK Migas expressed concern over a fire incident at an illegal oil well in East Aceh. “We express our concern for the victims. This incident is currently taken care of. SKK Migas and Pertamina EP are ready to cooperate with relevant agencies so as to resolve this problem immediately,” Head of Program and Communications Division of SKK Migas, Wisnu Prabawa Taher stated.

PT Pertamina EP Asset 1 has sent a complete team of firefighters. The plan is to shutdown the wellbore and control the gas coming out through the flare pipe.

Wisnu asserted that this fire incident was not caused by Pertamina EP activities, but from illegal crude oil mining activities by some local people.

“This remains one of the problems faced by the upstream oil and gas industry today. In addition to inflicting losses to the state, this practice also harms the community and the environment because it does not comply with the regulations prevailing in the upstream oil and gas industry,” he continued.

Wisnu also said that oil and gas resources are not to be enjoyed by certain elements of people but are owned by the state and operated as well as possible for the welfare of the people of Indonesia.