Yogyakarta — Chairman of SKK Migas, Amien Sunaryadi opens Forum Fasilitas Produksi Minyak dan Gas Bumi 2018 (FFPM 2018) or Oil and Gas Production Facility Forum 2018, on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 in Yogyakarta. The forum aims to develop scientific discussions and share information on design, execution of projects and maintenance of oil and gas production facilities with the ultimate goal of exploring breakthrough efforts in efficiency and optimization amid an increasingly competitive business climate.


“This forum is expected to produce a summary of the results of the discussion that will be used as a recommendation for the stakeholders, especially the policy makers of the upstream oil and gas industry in the government institutions,” Amien revealed.


This year’s theme is “OPTIMIZATION OF DESIGNS, PROJECTS AND MAINTENANCE OF OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION FACILITIES”. This topic is relevant to the current conditions when the demand for efficiency in daily operations of upstream oil and gas business is increasingly driven. Amien urged that efficiency and optimization should remain a keyword in daily business operations as from the planning phase to the operational phase.


“SKK Migas will always encourage businesses to optimize their project execution and improve their maintenance performance in order to achieve the production lifting target which has been mutually agreed,” Amien added.


FFPM 2018 was conducted in the form of a conference, business forum, and exhibition. The first day of the conference featured a keynote speaker, Vice Minister of EMR, Arcandra Tahar, and panelists consisting of policy makers and major players in the oil and gas industry and emphasized the synergy between upstream oil and gas activities and downstream industries.


The second day of the conference presented panel discussions with three focuses of discussions, which are projects, designs and technology, and maintenance. This session featured speakers from Contractors of Production Sharing Contracts (KKS Contractors), EPC contractorsengineering consultants, and major service providers involved in projects and maintenance of oil and gas production facilities.  


The agenda item on the third day of the conference was a business forum which discussed directions and policies related to policies, opportunities and synergies of national industries in the execution of oil and gas projects.


In addition to the Conference, FFPM 2018 was also enlivened with the exhibition, which showcased the development of scientific and technological applications by providers of oil and gas production facilities maintenance and construction services and participated in by providers of equipment such as steel, pipes, and accessories. The exhibition was also participated in by national banking and insurance service providers which introduced the financing and guarantee schemes for oil and gas projects. In addition to new technology applications, the exhibition also prioritized local manufacturers’ materials and equipment with the spirit to support domestic product prioritization by providing opportunities for domestic businesses to take more part in oil and gas projects. (alf)