Jakarta — The government has decided to hand over eight blocks which will be immediately terminated to Pertamina. Those eight blocks are NSO, Ogan Komering, Southeast Sumatera, Tuban, East Kalimantan, Attaka, Tengah, and Sanga-sanga.

“Following the in-depth discussion, on Friday (13/4), the government through Minister of Energy and Mineral Resurces (MEMR) decided that 100 percent of the participating interest of these eight blocks is given to Pertamina. It means, all of it are handed to Pertamina,” Chairman of SKK Migas Amien Sunaryadi said amid the meeting with editorial leaders and editors of national mass media, Monday (16/4).

Those eight blocks are still contributing significant lifting to date. Based on the data per 31 December 2017, oil lifting from those eight blocks reached 68,599 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) consiting of NSO 81 BOPD, Ogan Komering 1.907 BOPD; SES 31.543; Tuban 2.929 BOPD; East Kalimantan 15.879 BOPD; Attaka 1.917 BOPD; Tengah 398 BOPD; and Sanga-sanga 13.945 BOPD. For gas, the total lifting managed to reach 306 million of cubic feet per day (MMSCFD), consisting of NSO 16 MMSCFD; Ogan Komering 5 MMSCFD; SES 58 MMSCFD; Tuban 3 MMSCFD; East Kalimantan 60 MMSCFD; Attaka 3 MMSCFD; Tengah 29 MMSCFD; and Sanga-Sanga 132 MMSCFD.